Joe Reich

Episode 89

12 OCT 2020

He is in his 20th season as the head football coach at Wingate University, where he is the program’s all-time winningest coach.  Previously he was an assistant coach at the University of Buffalo, and before that he was an assistant coach at Gettysburg College and a graduate assistant coach at Georgia Tech.  As a student-athlete, he had played offensive line at Gettysburg College after having played football (and two other sports) in high school as well.

Guest quotes:

“I’m very fortunate in that I have two great parents that raised me up in the Catholic church… I was very, very fortunate that I had a parish priest… from the time I was little, that we had such a strong leader in the faith… all the way through high school.  I was an altar server all the way through high school.”

“My dad used to joke around with me and all the time he was, ‘You’re going to become a priest,’ and I’m like, ‘No, I’m not going to become a priest.  I’m going to have my own ministry, though.’ … And he’d say, ‘Look, you can have just as good a ministry by, you don’t have to become a priest to be a minister.  You can minister to a lot of people in the avenue that you want to go’.”

“I was pretty heavily involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (at Gettysburg College)… so it was nice to be able to grasp onto… the Fellowship of Christian Athletes… that kind of kept me centered, kind of kept me really involved in my faith a lot more… I was the vice president of FCA.”

“We actually had a Bible study that we started… and we got to the point where we would read one line and we would spend the next twenty minutes dissecting that line.”

“You’re always striving for something.  Like, God has kind of always put it on me, I’m going to strive to get better.  I’m going to strive to accomplish something.  I’m going to strive to help people.”

“Whatever doors the Lord opens up for us down the road, I’m open to going through ’em.”

“I tell our team all the time, the comparison game is a game you can never win.”

“Every Friday night we do a chapel service.”

“How you carry yourself, the type of language you use, the way you treat people with respect, and then in the private conversations … I hope that that comes about in those conversations and in the program that we run overall.”

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(This episode contains a prayer from the National Catholic Coaches Association’s “The Leadership Papers,” although originally credited in there to The Coach’s Bible.)