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Where do I listen?2019-07-09T10:20:34-04:00

Currently the show can be heard on www.CatholicSportsRadio.net as well as on iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Overcast, and iHeartRadio and many other podcast platforms

How often does a new episode of Catholic Sports Radio come out?2019-05-10T04:49:50-04:00

Every Monday morning

Who can be a guest on Catholic Sports Radio?2019-05-10T04:49:13-04:00

A Catholic who is a current or former athlete, coach, official (i.e. referee, umpire), administrator, team chaplain, team doctor, etc. However, he or she must have a testimony to share with the listeners. In other words, it can’t just be, “I’m Catholic and I am a basketball referee.” We recommend listening to episodes of Catholic Sports Radio first to understand the show and better determine if someone is really a fit for being a guest or not.

Do I need to start listening from Episode One?2019-07-09T11:04:49-04:00

Unlike TV shows where you had to see last week’s episode to understand this week’s, you can jump in at any time. You don’t have to listen to previous episodes to understand what is going on—although you may want to once you become a fan of the show.

I’m not Catholic. Why should I listen to Catholic Sports Radio?2019-05-10T04:48:36-04:00

Even non-Catholics can benefit from listening and hearing guests’ stories of how they have successfully prioritized their faith life within their sports life. Often, these stories can resonate with individuals of all faiths because the themes of our discussions are often universal, so you won’t be lost listening to Catholic Sports Radio just because you’re not Catholic.

I’m just a fan, not an athlete, coach, official, or administrator. Is there anything in Catholic Sports Radio for me?2019-07-09T11:02:27-04:00

Absolutely! We all can benefit from resources that help us better find balance with our faith life versus however we interact with sports. Catholic Sports Radio delivers content that speaks to the listener and provides opportunities for ongoing reflection for your daily life regardless of how you interact with sports.

I don’t follow sports. Why would I bother listening to Catholic Sports Radio?2019-07-09T10:47:00-04:00

You’re in luck! Catholic Sports Radio isn’t about wins and losses or statistics. So, the show can still be a resource to pour into your faith life. You’ll get inspiration AND stories that you will likely want to tell others to listen in to hear – and those might very well be sports fans, or coaches or athletes, who need to hear the testimonies that could get them to evaluate where they are in their faith life.

Can I be a sponsor of Catholic Sports Radio—on the podcast, website, or both?2019-07-09T10:25:01-04:00

Yes! Please get in touch with us through the Contact page to start a discussion.

How can I book Bruce Wawrzyniak to speak at our church or event? Is there a fee for him to do such?2019-07-09T10:27:46-04:00

Please visit www.SpeakerBruceW.com to learn more about Bruce’s guest speaking opportunities that are available.