Where religion and sports come together providing listeners valuable insights for their personal, business, and athletic life.

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It’s not scores and statistics—Catholic Sports Radio is a weekly podcast located at the intersection of your faith life and your sports life. The show helps listeners find the right balance and priority when it comes to their faith life versus their sports life.

Listen along as interviews are done with guests who are Catholic and a professional within sports—current or former athletes, coaches, officials, clergy, administrators, and more from the pro, amateur, and scholastic ranks. A new episode is released every Monday.

Whether you’re an athlete or a fan, youth or adult, Catholic or not, this show will deliver content that speaks to you and provides opportunities for ongoing reflection in your daily life.

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Meet the Host

Catholic Sports Radio Athletes

Bruce Wawrzyniak is the host and creator of Catholic Sports Radio. He was born and baptized Catholic, has spent the majority of his professional career working in sports, and is a veteran broadcaster and podcaster.

His faith life includes being an Oblate to the St. Leo Abbey in west central Florida, participating regularly in a monthly men’s prayer group through his church, being the president of a weekly Christian Business Connections group, and being part of the Cursillo movement, having been attending monthly Ultreya meetings for a few years now and being scheduled to make his weekend in the Fall of 2019..

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Catholic Sports Radio Coaches

Bruce Wawrzyniak is a global speaker, inspiring and educating audiences at a wide range of events. He has been on stages ranging from workshops to being a keynote speaker. Regardless of the denomination, Bruce can bring the ministry of Catholic Sports Radio to your event to help bring your audience members deeper in their devotion, further in their faith walk, and, most importantly, closer to God. As part of your planning, get in touch to include Bruce as a featured speaker.

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