Megan Landry

Episode 34

23 SEP 2019

Finished her softball career at Nicholls State University (in Louisiana) as the program’s all-time leader in victories, following a career at Central Catholic High School in which she played three sports, which included (as a pitcher in softball) over 1,000 strikeouts and multiple no-hitters.  In high school she was a leader of Sisters in Christ and Retreat Team Leader.  And, in college she was leading a Bible study as early as her sophomore year.  Since graduating from Nicholls State University, she has become an on-campus missionary elsewhere.  In this interview Megan also talks about how tearing her ACL became a wake-up call for her as well as the challenges she faces in where she is and what she’s doing now.

Guest quotes:

“I was burning out toward the end of my high school career.  So I was questioning, not only doubtful, ‘Am I good enough to play in college,’ but I was also doubtful of, like, do I even want to play in college.  Am I getting tired of sports?  Am I overdoing it?”

“Tearing the ACL was definitely a blessing in disguise.”

“It was a complete identity crisis.  One day I was an athlete going to all these practices one after the other.  And the next day I have nothing to compete about.”

“Throughout the rehab process it was definitely a time that I ran to Jesus.”

“He was rewarding me for my outside – my faith, really – so that was really cool to experience in my freshman year.”

“God just worked through the situation that I was thrown into.”

“I would ask my coach ahead of time, ‘Hey coach, is it okay if my parents come pick me up from the hotel room, bring me to Mass, bring me back.  I promise I’ll be on-time for breakfast’.”

“(coach) understood how important Mass, the sacrament, Bible study, Jesus, was to us.”

“It is literally my job to serve the female athletes… and show ’em Jesus, bring ’em to Jesus, bring ’em to the one who will actually satisfy their hearts, and teach ’em how to glorify God through their sports, through their workouts, through everything they participate in.”

“I’ve literally lost all my cool-ness points being a missionary, but honestly that’s the perfect place to be in because it allows Jesus to do the work.”

“THE number one priority in my day is to remain in Jesus.”

“Sometimes one hour with Jesus is just not enough.  We have to go back to adoration at night.”

Megan’s missionary work website