Rebecca Dussault

Episode 03

18 FEB 2019

She skied in the Winter Olympics in 2006 in Torino (Italy) and is a world champion, being a multi-sport athlete. She discusses peer pressure she had to stay away from in her late teens relative to partying, the deeper she moved into her skiing pursuits and faith commitment.  She is also a mother of five children with her sixth on the way.  She mentions having recently moved to Idaho and a 55-acre site where they hope to host Catholic families to be renewed in recreation and faith (“learn to pray and play again”).

Guest Quotes:

“I’ll be skiing ’til the grave.  That I do know.”

“One of the most defining moments was cross country skiing with our priest… and he celebrated the Mass for us while we stood on cross country skis and received the eucharist on our skis… And so I thought that, for me, was a convergence of the gift of sport, the school of moral excellence that sport is, and tasting the faith at the deepest level.”

“You’re either going to stick with your moral high ground and enjoy sport at some level or you’re really kind of a slave to the system of elite athletics.”

“As much as many of us look for mission territory abroad and elsewhere and in poor and underdeveloped places, sport is poor, it is underdeveloped.  These are athletes who very much feel entitled and who have things gifted to them all the time by sponsors… but spiritually bankrupt and absolutely mission territory.”

“Here I am trying to win junior world championships or something and all I can think about is how, I am not listening to my conviction from the Lord.”

“I just had to say, Okay I’m either going to miss Mass and sit here with the team and have a meal or I can get myself to the little market down the street and buy some hard rolls and meat and cheese and oranges and that’s going to be dinner and it’s going to be very sufficient for fueling myself that way and making it to the real meal, to the Mass.  It is about picking priorities and setting boundaries.”

“We have time for whatever we make time for.”

“It’s just waking up every day and revisiting my Why.  My spiritual core asking the Lord, ‘Why? How today do I make saints? How do I become a saint? And how do You use everything around me and about me to do that?’  Because there’s going to be triumph, there’s going to be trials.”

“When you crack open your life and you let the Lord in, He shows you what beautiful stewardship is there, for body, for soul – what does that look like.”

“Nobody is outside the call to steward their body and soul into a place of health and wholeness, all for the end goal of holiness.”

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(This episode contains a prayer by Fr. Brian Cavanaugh, T.O.R., as seen in Play Like A Champion Today’s prayerbook for sports, God, Be In My Sport)

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