Theresa Feaster

Episode 13

29 APR 2019

The Director of Hockey Operations at Providence College for the men’s hockey team, she is a lifelong Catholic, the oldest of five children.  Theresa attended Catholic elementary, high school (valedictorian), and college.  She talks about working at a Catholic institution, the concept of people working together as a team, and the influence of her father on her career.

Guest Quotes:

“The idea of God’s providence and the idea of providence affecting everything we do is something that I’ve really come to appreciate, maybe, especially now that I’m older.”

“All these little things happen that maybe at the time you don’t really fully understand but then you kind of look back and you go, ‘Wow, that was all part of a path that I’m on now.’  So, certainly the idea of divine providence is a huge part of (Providence College).”

“You get this general sense of community and that there’s something bigger than yourself going on here.”

“There is that overarching sense of faith and community that comes with being a Catholic institution.”

“(the Dominican friars)… have become such a huge part of my life… The relationships that I’ve been able to build with the Dominican friars, that’s something that I’m really grateful for… It certainly made my life more rich.”

“I’ve always… been drawn to the St. Francis, ‘Preach the gospel at all times, use words when necessary’.”

“We do have a team chaplain who travels with us.  He’s with us all the time…  He’s a big part of our team.”

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