Andy Sonnier

Episode 91

26 OCT 2020

He recently directed a Catholic men’s conference in Texas and is currently studying for candidacy for a Permanent Diaconate program in his Diocese.  On the sports side, he spent many years in athletic training, both with college teams as well as the then NFL Houston Oilers.

Guest quotes:

“I met my wife in 2014.  She was from here in Orange (Texas), and just through God’s Will and different things that happened in our lives, we ended up here in Orange.  After we got married, we lived in Louisiana for a few years, but then we eventually moved here last year.”

“The earliest memories I have was weekday Mass with my dad before the crack of dawn… When we’d walk out of Mass sometimes it was still dark.”

“As a kid I was very in tune with my faith.  Ya’ know, we grew up in church.  I went to Catholic school for a couple years, middle school, and it was there where I had an experience… I went to a seminary retreat and I really felt Jesus speak to me on a personal level.  And I really felt the calling to the priesthood at the time.”

“God’s got a plan for all of us, and I think He’s got other things still in store for me in the future.”

“I didn’t really have the opportunity to play a lot of sports as a kid because helping out on the farm was more important.  But I did have my share of time to play a little bit of pee wee football, Little League baseball, things like that.”

“I owe God all credit in the world for getting me through that year because without Him I don’t know where I’d be today.”

“God’s opened a lot of doors for me.  And I give credit to Him for everything that’s happened in my life.  God’s Will is a funny ride.  It can really be quite a journey.”

“We have to really spend time with God and let Him show us our paths in life.”

“None of my bad decisions in life was ever preceded by prayer.”

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