Joe Mesi

Episode 09

01 APR 2019

A former heavyweight boxer who finished with a 36-0 won-lost record (29 KOs), getting to No. 1 in the world where he would’ve fought for the heavyweight title but suffered a serious head injury (brain bleed).  Last year he was inducted into both the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame and the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.  He had also been a 1996 U.S. Olympic alternate.  Joe started a foundation called Champs Against Bullying and there is also the Baby Joe Mesi Fight for Organ Donors.  Listen to the end to hear what his “holy box” is.

Guest Quotes:

“You want to say boxing in my life was an accident.  It was almost like I stumbled upon it.  But yet in life there are no accidents, right?  It’s the path God bestowed upon me.”

“God gave me this path for a reason.  And as I look back and now, I’m an adult and I have a family, I’m able to clearly see that boxing was just the tool that God gave me.  The goal was to give back.”

“We know boxing is a dangerous sport and I’d say a prayer before every fight and I’d go into my opponent’s (locker) room too and try to say one with them.”

“I struggled with depression for a few years… I struggled with ‘Why me? Why God? Why this? Why now?’  But… it became clearer and clearer each day ‘Why me? Why now?’ … Through my church goings and talking to my priest… I was taught and I learned.”

“I was supposed to be heavyweight champion.  But I once read, ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.’  Because, this was His plan and I can’t argue that.  Because He had a great plan and He protected me.”

“Here I am asking God for such silly little things in prayers and these people have lost their children.”

“And I’m thinking… did God put me here to box all my life just to receive this one letter because someone’s walking around now with a healthy organ?  Because it all makes sense to me.”

(This episode contains a prayer seen in Play Like A Champion Today’s prayerbook for sports, God, Be In My Sport)

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