Dominique Dawes

Episode 88

5 OCT 2020

She spent ten years with the U.S. national team in gymnastics. Over the three Summer Olympic Games of 1992, 1996, and 2000 she won four medals, including gold at the Games in Atlanta and bronze at all three.  In world championship competition she had won three silver medals and a bronze.  In 2010 President Barack Obama named her as Co-Chair of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. And, earlier this year she opened a gymnastics academy in Clarksburg, Maryland.

Guest quotes:

“I would say my greatest achievements in life have really been, and continue to be, a mom of four little ones… My athletic achievements, though they were great and I made history, being a mom everyday, even during those tough moments, they beat standing on top of a podium any day of the week.”

“As a mom of four kids… and now a gym owner, I know the kind of environment that I want my kids to flourish in, and it’s one that’s going to be focused on compassion, positivity, and – in a healthy manner – helping kids face those mental blocks and face those fears, knowing that it’s coming from a place of love.”

“Throughout my career, at times I felt as if I was alone, whenever I was going through a dark period in the sport of gymnastics.  However, when I would take the time to go back to my Christian roots, I would realize that I was not alone.”

“Many times, when I wanted to quit, I wanted to give up, I was too tired or frustrated, I would lean on Him and realize that He was going to help me through.”

“I came into the Catholic faith initially in my late twenties.  I felt very called to go to a church in the Rockville (Maryland) area… And I don’t know what led me initially, but, I would go into the Catholic church and I would not go to Mass necessarily, but I would… walk in and really just sit in silence and connect with Christ, get to know Mother Mary a little bit more, sometimes pray, sometimes have a conversation, and really just sometimes sit in silence.”

“I really do feel as if I was led to the Catholic faith at that time because I really was feeling a little lost in the world and even a little lost in my Christian faith, just feeling a little incomplete and not feeling as if I was being led by Him.”

“When I felt led into the Catholic faith and going to RCIA, I chose Saint Kateri Tekakwitha as my saint of choice for my grandmother.”

“There’s so many great parts of the Catholic faith, but I love the connection with Mother Mary because I’ve never had a very strong healthy and deep relationship with a mother figure.  And so I’ve really leaned on her for guidance or leaned on her to kind of lead my way through Christ in my walk today.”

“They asked who would I want to sit down and have dinner with and (I said) Mother Angelica… And just having a great deal of admiration for Mother Angelica and her ministry and the great impact that she’s made globally on millions and millions of people and leading them to the faith and strengthening their faith.  So, just really admiring her heart and her pursuit and really her will in listening to Christ.”

“Christ… is with me and He is guiding me.   I just have to choose to shut off the noise of this world and listen to where it is that He’s leading me to be.”

“Even through hardships in life, it’s where He wants me to be and it’s where I’m going to be strengthened and where my character will truly be at its best.”

“We make it very clear that every kid that walks through our doors, they’re something special, they’re God’s gift, they’re unique, and they’re to be appreciated and valued.”

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(This episode contains a prayer originally from, as seen in Play Like A Champion Today’s prayerbook for sports, God, Be In My Sport)