Fr Michael Lightner

Episode 80

10 AUG 2020

He is an administrator of three churches in northeast Wisconsin. In his college days he was an offensive lineman, playing football at the University of Eastern Michigan, where he had earned a scholarship after having played football in high school. He was invited to try out with the NFL’s Cleveland Browns and later would be inducted into the Sports Faith International Hall of Fame.

Guest quotes:

“I was the youngest of six living children, eleven all together, my mom had some miscarriages and so I have brothers and sisters in the Kingdom already.”

“Anybody ever asked me what I was going to do from… when I was eight years old and on up, they asked me and I’d say, ‘I’m going to play professional football’.”

“(Football) was the thing.  It was, ya’ know, it was a rivalry to God for sure.  And probably a false god in my life.”

“I work with high school kids, I do football camps and things like that to help kids understand (that) the power of being a team is very, very important.”

“My mom was a big proponent of Fatima and Lourdes.  She loved the Blessed Mother.  She loved to pray the rosary.”

“For the first time in my life God presented Himself in a way that I knew it could only be Him.”

“My godfather, who is a priest who… was there at my baptism, he wrote me three letters and he predicted the priesthood for me, and I didn’t receive these until I committed to it and it shocked me.”

“The miracles of the gospels, they’re right there for us.  God is real.  God is present.  And if we have the courage to ask Him to open our eyes, we’ll be able to see.”

“My favorite in all of scripture is John 4:20, and it’s the woman at the well.”

“God is looking out for his people.  But we have to go to Him.  We have to ask for what He wants us to receive.  We have to open our hearts, and if we know that, then we’re doing our job.”

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