Frank Allocco

Episode 77

20 JULY 2020

The Executive Sr. Associate Athletics Director for External Relations at the University of San Francisco (a Catholic school).  He won 17 league championships and two Division I state championships in 18 years at De La Salle High School in Concord, California, and has coached and/or been a speaker at basketball camps from China to Belgium to Canada. As a college athlete he played football and basketball at Notre Dame.  He is also an inductee to the Sports Faith International Hall of Fame.

Guest quotes:

“I was very blessed to be raised by two people of great faith, my mother and my father.  We were daily communicants from the time we were born, I think.  My dad was a factory worker and he would drop us off, and we always went to Mass before school.”

“I was so… grateful and I had such a great relationship with Christ… When I got the opportunity to be the starting quarterback at Notre Dame, I went to church every day to thank God for giving me the opportunity.”

“I had made friends with a guy at Mass.  I found this old man that I took under my wing.  He was 85 years old… And it was almost like God sent him to me.”

“It was a lesson in love that I actually felt was divine intervention that God sent him to me to teach me how to love.”

“My father always had priests in our home, which, I was blessed for that.  Always the parish priest was my dad’s best friend.”

“Anytime I’ve hit adversity in my life or disappointment, I think that I’m blessed to feel just a portion of what Christ felt when He sacrificed and what He went through.”

“I think that’s our duty in our ministries is not only to say the words – anybody can say words – but to live the words is most important.”

“The lesson I learned from that was, the success of any venture will be determined by the spirit in which it was entered.”

“I’ve recently become the president of the East Diablo (CYO) League, which serves ten parishes, and we are in the process of reevaluating our whole league in that we are really emphasizing prayer and sportsmanship and doing things the right way within our own parishes.”

“God wasn’t cheating me.  God was giving me all these different lessons and it took time for me to heal and to absorb those.”

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