Kevin O’Brien

Episode 75

6 JULY 2020

He played professional football in the mid-1990s, including the NFL (Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots), the CFL, and the World League (which became NFL Europe). He had played college football at Bowling Green State University.  He is the Co-Founder of Virtue Baseball and the Co-Founder of the Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance.

Guest quotes:

“I call football the game of life ’cause you have those ups and downs and the struggles and it’s you play when it’s cold, you play when it’s hot, you’re bleeding, you’re hot, all of that.”

“I always had a connection to Christ.  I would kneel down and say prayers at night by myself… But… I grew up in the 70s where you didn’t really learn the faith, so I couldn’t love what I didn’t know… I wish I would’ve had that proper formation ’cause there’s so much strength and beauty in our wonderful Catholic faith.”

“Remember I always had this connection to Christ.  I always would pray.  I always had this sense in my heart… When you’re afraid and you need things, well let me tell you, at least for me personally, that’s where you go, you go to God.”

“My pro career really brought me closer to Christ because I entered a, I would call it a, crucible of suffering, mental suffering, because of the strain.”

“…the sacrament of confession… there’s tremendous power and strength that comes from that.”

“I was in sales… I was traveling a ton, by myself, so I had tons of time to study and I just sucked everything up.  Read the Catechism a number of times, which I loved… I came to learn it, so I came to love it.”

“I was in men’s ministry, very passionate about Pro Life, very passionate about Adoration, and then, of course, men’s ministry.  I have a heart for men.  I see a lot of men walking around in spiritual rags, that they just need to be lifted up.”

“I founded another apostolate called Men of Christ… and was blessed to interact with men, with leaders all across the country.”

“We start with prayer every practice, we end every practice with prayer, and every game, by the way, with prayer.”

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[This episode contains a prayer from the Play Like A Champion Today Coaches Manual (University of Notre Dame), as seen in Play Like A Champion Today’s prayerbook for sports, God, Be In My Sport]