Doug Lipinski

Episode 68

18 MAY 2020

The Deputy Athletic Director for External Relations at Grand Valley State University in Michigan where he and his staff have been honored with 70 national awards.  As a student athlete at the school he was a four-year member of the varsity baseball team, followed by four years as an assistant coach.  While growing up he had played five different sports.

Guest quotes:

“We belonged to St. Ephrem’s parish there in Sterling Heights and went to catechism and Religious Ed throughout our childhood.”

“I played baseball, golf, football, basketball – even when I was younger for a few years was on a bowling team.  So, ya’ know, did it all and enjoyed the physical activity.”

“Like many young adults, (age) 18-22, 23, you’re not as close to the church as I am now and as I was as a child.  So, you kind of go through a period of finding yourself.”

“My wife has a steadfast belief and grew up in the Catholic church… Her commitment and her personality and who she is as a person really makes me a better person.”

“For me, it’s the gathering, the comfort, and the peace that it brings me when you go to church.”

“For me, in a pretty stressful position that I’m in at work, it gives me not only family time, but it gives me time to be with the Lord.”

“As we decide to go on vacations it’s part of, ‘Where are we going to go to church on Sunday,’ so it’s kind of a fun family deal.”

“That happened Monday morning, and Tuesday afternoon-ish, around lunchtime, I just had to get out of (work), went down to St. Luke’s University parish… and I really just wanted to sit in an empty church.”

“My mentality is a continuous improvement philosophy, trying to get better every day.  And so, taking a humble approach, an attitude of gratitude.”

“How my faith… helps, the values that I have as a Catholic, I can bring to (coaching staffs) knowing that there’s much more than what they’re dealing with right now… Giving them the 30 thousand foot view of ‘things will be okay, we’ll get through this, and how can I help.’  And I think it just goes back to the values of being a Catholic.”

“Everyone’s faith journey is different.  I think that the diversity of everybody’s journey is what is special about the faith.”

“I don’t win or lose any games.  I’m part of a team.  And so, I’m here to give our student-athletes the best experience possible.”

“Fellowship goes a long ways.  And, it’s an opportunity for prayer.  It’s also an opportunity to bring people together.”

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