Nikki Breske

Episode 66

4 MAY 2020

She just graduated from Florida State University where she was a pole vaulter, ranking among the Seminoles Top Ten all-time both outdoors and indoors. Born and raised Catholic, in high school she competed for Winter Park High in central Florida and was undefeated during her senior season there. She is committed to and outspoken about abstinence and chastity. Listen for the phone call she received her first week away at college and how she responded.

Guest quotes:

“But with all of this (pandemic) going on I’ve definitely gone into overdrive in praying and just asking God to lead me wherever He wants me to go next and worry less, stress about it less, and just allow Him to guide my life where He wants me to be.”

“I was (a) cradle Catholic, so, born and raised.  I went to St. Margaret Mary Catholic School, K through eighth grade.  And then, we always went to Mass as a family every Sunday.”

“I didn’t want to leave the church ’cause that was where I felt at home even though I hadn’t been to that church before.  It was just the presence of God and knowing that each Catholic Mass was the same in terms of reading and whatnot.”

“I’ve seen people come out of college or go through college and I’ve seen the heartbreak of all of the sins, just, like, the drinking and the partying, and, just, I knew that wasn’t something that I wanted to do and I knew that ultimately wouldn’t help me in track.”

“I think it just helped me realize that God created us for so much more.  So it gave me pretty clear eyes to see that even though I was in an environment in which sin was dwelling, that that wasn’t the only option that I had.”

“I would say I have a definite passion especially for abstinence and promoting chastity among all young single people.”

“God has created each and every one of us for our mission for His plan.”

“Nobody’s happy with the ‘hookup culture.’  Nobody’s happy being hungover the next day.  Nobody’s satisfied but nobody talks about it.  Everybody talks about the fun that they had, but when you get alone in a room are you happy with yourself?  And I’ve seen more often than not that people aren’t and that they’re searching for more.  And though it seems in a twisted way, I think all of this is us searching for God.  Whatever we are diving into or indulging, it’s really a search for happiness and a search for Jesus.”

“Sports are great, but at the end of the day there is an end to everything.  There’s a season for everything.  And prioritizing school, especially, I think is something so important.  Education and learning are SO important, especially going into the real world.  And you never have a plan of when your season is going to an end or an injury occurs.”

“I have… found that when I start my day at 7am in that Mass and receiving Jesus in Communion, that my day is significantly better.  I start my day with so much more peace and just a happiness.  I think I radiate something so much more than myself when I start my day off in daily Mass and ask God to be with me and to allow Him to work through me and just be a friend to everybody just like Jesus was.”

“There were a couple meets that we all, regardless of the team, we all circled up, and we prayed, and I think those were some of the best meets with the best people to compete against.”

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(This episode contains a prayer by Fort Worth Christian Football League parent Linda Fleshman, as seen in Play Like A Champion Today’s prayerbook for sports, God, Be In My Sport)