Tim Triplett

Episode 55

17 FEB 2020

The co-founder and president of the National Catholic Coaches Association, he has 14 years of coaching experience at the collegiate and high school levels.  He is currently the head football coach and assistant activities director at Holy Family Catholic in Victoria, Minnesota, and played college football.  He also has been a member of the Knights of Columbus for eleven years.

Guest quotes:

“(The NCCA) started with a simple mission to positively influence others through faith and coaching.”

“Our unofficial mission is Catholic leaders developing Catholic leaders.”

“We pray before every practice.  We pray before every game.  Pray before every team meal.”

“As the head coach, as the tip of the spear, I try to live it and show my players and student-athletes every day what my faith is about.”

“My parents grew up in large Catholic families.  My mom came from ten kids and my dad came from seven.”

“I really enjoy being around the Catholic world, the Catholic high school, and having it prevalent around me all the time.”

“The presence of the priests and the presence of our spirituality… just makes us stronger, I think.  I think it’s fantastic.”

“When I was a G.A. at Wayne State College we got together with some other coaches and just did some Bible study; prayed together, things of that nature.  University of South Dakota was the same way.  I’ve led a couple groups in my time at St. Thomas.”

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