Peter Mulry

Episode 46

16 DEC 2019

One of the winningest coaches in high school baseball, having coached for ten years at Tampa Catholic High School where he posted an amazing won-lost record of 329-39.  His teams won four state championships and a national championship.  He went on to coach at the University of Tampa and also scouted for Major League Baseball’s Kansas City Royals. Last year he was No. 26 on a list of the top 50 coaches in Tampa Bay sports history and he has been inducted into four Halls of Fame. He has his own foundation, which is dedicated to teaching young children life skills through sports.  And just over a year ago he launched a series of what is now six books to bring life skills to young athletes through a diverse set of characters representing each baseball position on the field.

Guest quotes:

“She was the one that told me that, ‘Ya’ know, you really need to be an altar boy and give some of your time and get to Mass early in the morning and start your day off like that’.”

“People believed in us when we were young men and didn’t believe in ourselves and I think that’s kind of the spiritual journey that kept me going.”

“I said, ‘I’ll help the kids if I can help the coaches and the parents really realize what we can do with baseball and use it as a tool to teach life skills through sports’.”

“The whole essence of the program, the Peter J. Mulry program, is what we call the STARS of the Future, because without our youth doing well, we’re in trouble… The whole acronym to STARS is Spirituality, Teamwork, Attitude, Respect, and then being a better Student and learning all we can about being a better person.”

“I’ve always thought the Mass was one of the most beautiful rituals that we have in the world.”

“I tell people, ‘Just go (to Mass) one day and listen to how many times the word ‘mercy’ and ‘peace’ is mentioned, and ‘forgiveness,’ all the positive things that, we take this spiritual walk that we need to have as Catholic men and women.”

(about going to daily Mass) “I tried it without it… and I tried it with it, and it’s so much better with it.”

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(This episode contains a prayer from the South Bend Indiana Inner-City Catholic League, as seen in Play Like A Champion Today’s prayerbook for sports, God, Be In My Sport)