Jacob Flores

Episode 41

11 NOV 2019

He was with the NFL’s Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills and, more recently, the Atlanta Legends of the Alliance of American Football.  He had played college football at Dartmouth, and has now transitioned into the corporate world and life off the playing field.  He also talks about what he’s doing at his parish as well as in the community.

Guest quotes:

“I’ve got three little brothers… and… I’ve got an older sister, so, we’ve got a big athletic family, big Catholic family.”

“I chose religion (as a college major) because it was super important to me and I thought it would kind of teach me to defend my faith a little bit, so, it was one of the best decisions I made.”

“I think a lot of times you can use those four years (of college) to develop some other great friends who are close to Christ.”

“Anyone that went to church who believed in some of the core tenets of Christ in the Bible, that’s kind of what we focused the Bible study around.”

“In college when you’re away from your parents and your high school friends you have to find that group of people who are going to strengthen you and challenge you when you need to be challenged.”

“I think it’s really hard to live a life as a follower of Christ without other people.  I don’t think you’re meant to do it alone… Even Jesus had twelve disciples because He saw what that strength in numbers does.”

“At the end of the day… wins and losses are great and all that, but… when we’re talking about eternity I think that’s a little more important than did we win the game on Friday night.”

“I think we’re all given talents from God and I think for whatever reason mine was snapping a football and just being big and moving people and that’s what He gave me so I put in the hard work and developed it to the furthest that I could.”

“I remember when I got the call from the (Green Bay) Packers I had just gotten out of Mass, actually, which was pretty cool and I knew, like, okay, this is what I need to be doing.  This is where I need to be.”

“Football is kind of on the periphery and your core is your faith and your beliefs.”