Bear Woznick

Episode 38

21 OCT 2019

He is a champion of numerous surfing events.  He is also a licensed scuba diver and licensed private pilot.  Plus, he is a skydiver and has rappelled off mountains.  He has even been a mentor on the adventure reality show “Clean Break” on the FOX network, as well as been a guest star and stuntman on “Hawaii 5-0.”  He also has been seen on EWTN television and heard on EWTN Radio and has led pilgrimages to places such as Greece and Israel.  Plus, he wrote two books, including one called, Deep Adventure: The Way of Heroic Virtue.  He also is a Benedictine Oblate to the Mary Spouse of the Holy Spirit Monastery in Hawaii.  He is also an inductee in the Sports Faith Hall of Fame.

Guest quotes:

“Every Catholic is an evangelist.  We’re all called to be evangelists.”

“You cannot be a wimp and love Jesus.  Every single disciple – all but one of them – were martyred.  So, through history there’s nothing more heroic than being a Christian.”

“The most radical thing you can do in life is abandon yourself to the wild adventure of God’s Will.”

“There’s nothing more exciting or thrilling or wild than listening in the morning, tuning into the Lord maybe through the Liturgy of the Hours or the Mass, praying the rosary, and then seeing God open doors and close doors and seeing walls fall down as you pursue His Will.”

“In college, I began to really hunger for God.  It was like, ‘God, if you’re there, you’re kind of like a real remote father who maybe sends child support checks, but I would like to know you and be in a personal relationship with you’.”

“This is a total abandonment to God’s Will.  It’s not just a little optional extra you add on to the rest of your life.”

“The Lord miraculously healed my back and now I’m a world champion tandem surfer.”

“I’m so grateful, not just for the depth of teaching, but for the sacraments.”

“I love the Benedictine life, and I love the Liturgy of the Hours, living the Liturgy of the Hours through the day, and understanding detachment and not focusing on the things of this world but just desiring God.”

“That’s my great weapon when I pray, intercessory prayer.”

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(This episode contains a prayer by Fr. Brian Cavanaugh, T.O.R., as seen in Play Like A Champion Today’s prayerbook for sports, God, Be In My Sport)