Matt Biondi

Episode 35

30 SEP 2019

He has been a sports TV anchor and sports reporter in Seattle and many other markets, and he has been a sports radio host.  He even still does some work for media outlets that need him for the visiting teams that come in to play the Seattle Seahawks.  He has two daughters, one of which just finished a four-year scholarship in golf at a Catholic college in southern California.  Matt himself played football in high school.

Guest quotes:

“Watching these athletes on a day-to-day basis and where is their faith as it relates to all the fanfare they get, and they’re really put on a pedestal for so many years.”

“You’ve gotta stay sort of cemented with your feet firmly on the ground as it relates to just focusing on your job and your faith and not thinking that you’re better than the next person.”

“Sports, for fans in Philadelphia and other markets I’ve covered, it’s a real passion and it’s a generational thing, passed down from families.  And so, where does faith end up on a Sunday afternoon at 1:00?  Unfortunately, sometimes in their back pockets instead of foremost in their mind.”

“Faith can be our greatest attribute when we can balance life a little bit, because we actually – to me anyway – we further understand more the importance of faith when you do have some balance in your life.”

“Those that wanna pursue the Lord and pursue God as their number one thing in life, I mean, they will do that no matter what the circumstances.  The ones that are on the fence sometimes need a little guidance.”

“I saw enough of these athletes where, and I talked to a lot of ’em, where their faith was a central part of their life … They understand that difference between what’s on the field and how close they are with their faith.”

“When you get rejected in something… you have to fall back on something and that’s another reason why faith comes into our lives on a daily basis, because our lives are filled with rejection.”

“I couldn’t wait for the next challenge, the next adversity day to show up, because I knew deep down that (God) had my back.”

“God has me on this earth to serve Him and that’s in the bond with my children.”

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