Image credit: Miami Dolphins

Cam Cameron

Episode 29

19 Aug 2019

He spent many years in the National Football League, as head coach of the Miami Dolphins, plus he was the offensive coordinator for both the Baltimore Ravens and the then-San Diego Chargers.  He was also quarterbacks’ coach of the Washington Redskins.  In addition, he has many years of experience coaching in college football as well, most recently as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks’ coach at LSU.  He also went through two health scares in the form of serious melanoma and later a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Guest quotes:

“Prayer life has been a huge part of my life and my wife, Missy, and our families… I would just encourage everybody, don’t wait until you have a (medical) moment like that before you start praying.”

“My quiet time in the morning is how I start my day.  And I was just very fortunate that I developed some solid habits spiritually and, Proverbs 3:5-6, it’s all about trust, and I just trusted God and the process that I had to go through.”

“I’ve just been really fortunate throughout my career to be around a lot of men of faith, and some of those that come to Mass and our Bible studies.”

“The faith communities I’ve been involved with in sports, especially football, has just been tremendous over the last 35 years.”

“As long as you’re learning, and you don’t repeat those mistakes, that’s what forgiveness is all about.”

“When I was with the (San Diego) Chargers and the (Baltimore) Ravens, in particular, and the (Washington) Redskins, the places I’ve been, and when I was the head coach of the (Miami) Dolphins, that was a huge part of our day, whether it was the coaches’ Bible study, whether it would be – and this is for Catholics, Christians… there’s Bible studies, there’s coaches Bible studies, there’s player and wives’ Bible studies, there’s just a wives’ Bible study.  There’s all sorts of ways that everybody connects spiritually.  And there’s a ton of prayer, before practice, after practice, on the field, on the teams thatI’ve been associated with, and it’s always been a spiritually awesome experience.”

“I went to Cursillo this past Spring… and that was just off the charts.  And then I have a, every Tuesday morning at 6am I have a Cursillo group that, we meet, a group of men, a prayer group, so that’s kind of the routine now.  Cursillo was hard to do when you’re in coaching, but now that I’m in business instead of coaching I’ve got time to set my own schedule, so I get to do a lot of cool Catholic things now.”

“Our traditions are so awesome in the Catholic church, but for some of the younger teenagers and young adults, sometimes they’re looking for a little bit more, I’m not saying evangelical, but I’m gonna tell ya’, this… Cursillo, and just everything with that movement,… I can’t express how exciting it is.”

(This episode contains a prayer attributed to legendary Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne, as seen in Play Like A Champion Today’s prayerbook for sports, God, Be In My Sport)