Chris Gomez

Episode 22

01 JUL 2019

He played college hockey and now coaches in that sport, while serving as the Board President for Catholic Sports Camps.  (His father had run a hockey camp in the 1980s with the Chicago Blackhawks.)  All that despite having also attended (for graduate school) the largest Catholic university in the United States, because, he talks here of being called back to the church after falling away after he left his parents’ house, having been raised a cradle Catholic.

Guest Quotes:

“When I was going through (graduate school), still, no relationship with our Lord and, it’s funny that I picked a Catholic university.  It just seemed to be the one that was, just kind of like, made the most sense based off of the notoriety of it and the proximity to where I was working at the time.”

“I feel like God loves to use the most unlikely sources to work miracles.”

“At (age) 30 I had a St. Paul conversion experience when he was on the road to Damascus.”

“There was, like, a dark shadow, and out of the shadow I hear God say to me, ‘Christopher, I love you and I need you to come back to my church’.”

“When you’re committed and really starting to practice, like, all of a sudden all of your relationships are improving, your business relationships are improving, there’s so much more peace in your life.”

“Our goal is for the children to meet Christ, to have that mountaintop experience.  I mean, they’re organized, it’s a sports camp, but what it is is a retreat.  And so, that’s our biggest prayer, that, when these kids come to the camps they meet the Lord and then obviously they grow in their sports formation as well.”

“When I was in high school athletes were always the leaders of community and if you can evangelize the leaders then they will just go ahead and evangelize all their communities.”

“If the father of the family is not practicing, like, it’s really just a strong chance that the family’s not going to be practicing.  But if he is on fire, then it’s like a 94 percent chance that the rest of the family is practicing.”

“You think you’re going to change and transform kids’ lives, but for myself, I would say that running this ministry has definitely just exploded my walk with the Lord.”

“We really need to answer that call for a new evangelization.”

“You can never out-give the Lord in generosity.”

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