Art Hill

Episode 151

20 DEC 2021

He was an International Softball Federation-certified fastpitch umpire, working seven World Cup events and the World University Games. He continues to work Division I, II, and III college softball games, including having worked the NCAA Division III World Series. Additionally, he assigned and worked in the National Pro Fastpitch League for 12 years. He currently assigns softball for seven college conferences & Independent. He had even assigned umpires for the Rebel Spring Games, which is the longest-running spring collegiate program in the nation. He also played men’s fastpitch softball and coached summer softball teams.

Guest quotes:

“My mother was Lutheran.  My dad was Catholic, though… In the summers (mom) would send us to the summer Bible classes that were offered”

“I played… football, basketball, baseball… and sometimes I would have to run track… I got an Honorable Mention All-State playing football.  And I had, at that time, a gentleman who was on the Detroit Lions, I remember him handing me my award.”

“It was a rewarding experience, playing football.  It taught you perseverance and self-gratitude.”

“The Scout Master… was Catholic.  And every time we went on a weekday camping trip, or we took a three-month summer tour, every time we went to church, we always went to a Catholic church.  So that gave me an opportunity to see the other religion.”

“I went and found the chaplain and as we talked, I asked to be converted (to Catholicism) and I have and still am.”

“I thanked God that He saw fit at that time not to bring me home… As they say, everybody wants to go to heaven, but maybe not right now.”

“Obviously God has a plan for me, but I have no idea what it is, but He keeps taking care of me and I appreciate it.”

“It was a gesture that, it made your eyes swell.  It was so beautiful.  And it was unexpected.  I was blessed to be there to witness that.”

“We’re empty nesters — three boys and a girl… between all of them, they’ve blessed us with 13 grandchildren.  And I always tell people… my two oldest sons believe that biblical prophecy ‘go forth and multiply’.”

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