Glenn Otto

Episode 111

15 MAR 2021

A pitcher currently in training camp with the New York Yankees, having been a fifth-round pick of theirs in the 2017 draft.  In college he pitched at Rice University in Houston, leading the staff in earned run average three years in a row. Prior to that he played at Concordia Lutheran High School, which is also in Texas.

Guest quotes:

“It’s definitely a test of faith and baseball is just one avenue where that’s come up to me the last couple years.  Injuries are never easy.  You definitely start questioning, ‘Am I in the right place?  Am I on the right path?’  And my faith is what really keeps me centered in those moments.”

“Without my faith it would make it even more difficult ’cause I want to be out there every day.  I want to be doing my job.  I want to be climbing the ladder.  And I’m looking at it the wrong way at times ’cause God is just moving different things in my life to put me right where I need to be.”

“It’s always going back to prayer, going back to reading the Word, and being around those individuals that point me in that direction that I’m comforted in those difficult times.”

“The end of baseball is not the end of the world.  I’m on this earth to worship God and push other people to the feet of Jesus.”

“Everybody respects you in the organization as a player, and in return, as players, we respect everyone on staff.  That’s always been one of our core values here and it shows throughout the organization.”

“I had professors that really helped my faith walk and our chaplain was a great guy that I’m still in touch with today.”

“It was a really good opportunity just to get with those students that were Christians and get to know those people as people, not just as student-athletes.”

“This is one of the things I’m most proud of — I was baptized (and) confirmed in the same church that I was married in.”

“The Catholic way of thinking is the ‘both and’ — personal relationship with Jesus and your involvement in the church and community with others.”

“I’d love to be involved in other people’s faith walk and help them with the RCIA process, help them with their marriage prep.”

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[This episode contains a prayer (poem) by Central Catholic High School (Pittsburgh, PA) Principal Ed Bernot, as seen in Play Like A Champion Today’s prayerbook for sports, God, Be In My Sport]