Len Clark

Episode 11

15 APR 2019

He covers University of Notre Dame Athletics for Irish 101 and Irish Illustrated, and is also the Notre Dame reporter for Fan Media.  Len has also served as a reporter for ESPN Radio’s “College Gameday,” as a stringer for AP Sports.  A lifelong Catholic, he is also heavily involved with the Knights of Columbus.  He’s also involved with a project that, when supported, gives a portion of the proceeds to help support research into Niemann-Pick Type C Disease.

Guest Quotes:

“Faith, Notre Dame, and emerging media has really been my path for the past 35 years.”

“When you walk in the classroom and you see the crucifix on every wall it’s not cramming (Catholicism) into your face, it’s there as a subtle reminder just to serve as a foundation for the individuals that have the privilege of going to school (at Notre Dame).”

“We’re talking about the new evangelization that has been out since Vatican II and really came to prominence under Pope John Paul II who had a quote that I read constantly.  He said, ‘Faith is strengthened when we give it to others’.”

“When I was teaching there… I did have some athletes in my class, and so, developing that rapport with them and then having the opportunity to learn a little bit more about them helped me to become a better journalist because I got a better glimpse into the life of a student-athlete, how they’re balancing their academics and their athletics and their spiritual life.”

“When I was at the University of Evansville we had a Catholic group called the Newman Center and the Newman Centers are located at college campuses all across the country… it gave me more of an insight into the students outside of the classroom.”

“I can remember one Easter Sunday that we were on the road… and it was not mandatory, but, there were a lot of Catholic students on the team that year, but, they used that opportunity to invite the non-Catholics to say, ‘Hey, we’re going to Mass’ – which was actually held at a gym – and it was a great experience.”

“I’m a cradle Catholic… the older I get the more appreciative I am of the faith.”

“Be who you are, share your story, and lead by example.  And I think that’s how I define the evangelization.”

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